Takeover Service





You want to plan your wedding - giddy up! We respect it. But, it’s really not something you want to do completely alone, or before long you’ll for certain have a moment of feeling like a lost baby deer in the woods. So consider us your momma deer - never too far away if you get into trouble. We start by sending you our wedding worksheet, a big word document full of questions and blank spaces which works like a checklist for you, and is a vehicle for us to gather all the info we'll need for when it time for us to take the reigns. It asks for info like: who is your photographer, what is their email, how many hours did you book them for, what song will play as you walk down the aisle, who is giving speeches, where do the gifts need to go at the end of the night, where is hair and makeup happening, which guests have what allergies, and so on and so forth. As you go about your planning and filling out of the worksheet, you can call, email or text us anytime for advice, input or vendor referrals. It’s kind of like having a planner in your back pocket at all times; you're making the calls, and booking the vendors, but you’ll never have to blindly google, or wonder if a quote is reasonable, or debate what time this or that should happen.

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At about 6 weeks out, we'll collect that worksheet back from you, have a meeting to talk through all the plans you’ve made and we’ll go about drafting your wedding day timeline. The timeline is a big, beautiful colour coded speardsheet documenting the exact timing for everything that will happen at the wedding, from the first deliveries, to who is setting up what, to what order the girls are getting makeup, right through the event to who is walking down the aisle in what order to what song, to when dinner courses will hit the table, who is doing speeches, what song is playing for your first dance, and so on. Its intensely detailed and immensely pleasing - and will become the wedding's bible, so there is no confusion amongst any of the vendors about how the big day is meant to play out. We'll tweak the timeline to perfection together and then when all is perfect we will send it to all the vendors, introduce ourselves, and 'Take Over". From that point on we'll handle all final confirmations and will field last minute questions from vendors so that you two can relax and enjoy the weeks leading up to the big day.

We'll be there on the day from start to finish to ensure everything goes exactly as you had planned it, troubleshooting any issues that arise and generally seeing to it that everyone has a perfect time.

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