Kira Davis


Kira has been working in event planning since 2009, and ran her own planning company before being recruited onto the Filosophi Events team in 2012.

Kira is amazing - so completely professional and thorough. I think what some vendors forget is that for most brides their wedding is the first time that they have had to plan such a huge event and for many there are things that we just don’t know to ask. With Kira, she has so much experience and was able to get me thinking about every little detail. The result: my perfect day! Even though we had a few hitches (my bridesmaid’s dress ripping up the back 5 minutes before entering the reception, one of the speakers being late for the ceremony, etc) Kira handled everything without me having to worry about a thing! She was able to put together exactly what I had envisioned and more! Having her there to make sure everything would go exactly as I planned was worth every penny! Kira was easy to approach, would answer any question I had, and, most importantly, was there whenever there was a hiccup in the plans. I can’t thank Kira enough! She is the reason my wedding was more perfect that I could’ve ever imagined!”
— Stephanie & Kevin Davis, married Oct 5, 2013