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Full Plan

First off, we aren’t the controlling type, so when it comes to our Full Planning service, you can be as hands on or hands off as you like. We tailor our process to you - whether you’re more of an emailer, texter, whatsapper, snapchatter (just kidding, we are too old to snapchat) or prefer in person/skype meetings, we’ll find our rhythm together and will work around your schedule to effortlessly fit the planning into your routine.

Our aim is to make wedding planning as efficient as possible for you, we'll handle the homework on our end (checking availability and pricing with vendors, sourcing suppliers, looking over contracts, confirming details and changes with vendors etc.) but will still look to you for final decisions selecting your vendors and input on the more fun parts like decor design, music choices, flow, and creative touches. 

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We start with a budget meeting, in which we discuss all aspects of the big day and rough together an estimate of costs. Usually some tweaking ensues - we’ll never tell you how much you ‘need’ to spend on your wedding, but rather will be there to advise on where we think it makes sense to spend and where to cut back if need be, and to make sure you understand realistic costs of things so you can prioritize according to what’s most important to you. With the budget as a foundation, we will dive into planning, providing you with options for all things needed for the big day - you’ll only ever be looking at options that fit the budget and are available for your date so that not a moment is wasted, and so you don’t fall in love with something you can’t have.

Your planner will get to know you through the process and will help come up with suggestions and creative ideas of how to personalize the event so it feels like your event, not just another pretty wedding.

From the high level tasks like hiring the major vendors, to the tiniest of details like what song will play while you cut your cake (or pie), your planner will guide you through the process in order, so you never have to lay awake at night wondering if there is something you are forgetting. We will pace the planning tasks so that we have a few items on deck at a time, never allowing the wedding to be taking over your life. 

Throughout the process, we’ll keep track of all decisions, vendor contact information, contract specifics and event details, so that you don't have to, and we'll compile everything into a detailed timeline spreadsheet which will become our bible for the wedding. The timeline holds every last bit of information about the wedding, from who is delivering what, what's getting set up when, who is playing what song, how long speeches will be, when meal courses hit the table, to what happens after the lights come on and the crazy party people head home. 

We will of course be there from start to finish to oversee the unfolding of things and ensuring the day is coming together exactly as planned, putting out any potential fires and generally being the go to person to act on your behalf so that the two of you, along with your families and friends, can sit back, relax and enjoy. 

It truly is the best gift you can give yourself, but don't take our word for it, see what our previous clients have to say HERE

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