Maggie + Kelvin

Sometimes when you're wedding planning, trying to include all the traditions and living up to all the parental expectations can be the worst. Especially when what you want is completely at odds with the people who literally gave you life, who have been dreaming of this day since before you were even alive- let alone out there hunting for your true love- emotions can be high. Everything can feel like a mountain that you have to scale with only a bridal magazine + a planner to help you navigate it.

But like doesn't that mountain also sound like the most fun ever? Especially if you love to hike? 

Because we think it sounds like tons of fun.

We think it sounds like fun even if you love to hike and all your parents want is for you is to get married in a ballroom. 

because let's not forget how wonderful + fun some of the traditions are. 

We're always down for door games that has everyone cry-laughing.

And a colourful dress change? Yes please. 

We never say no to including traditions that are important to you. 

Maggie + Kelvin, beautiful inside and out, the sweetest couple arrived to their first meeting and told their planner, Kira, that they were lovers of the great outdoors and hiking and wanted their wedding to reflect that.

They also told her that their parents expected them to throw a glitzy ballroom affair.



While these two ideas may seem impossibly at odds, Kira saw how magical they could actually be in harmony with one another. 

And if you think about it, there's often so many opposites that should never work that make everything incredible.

Potato Chips + Chocolate 

Dancing All Night + Sleeping All Day

Family Traditions + A Totally Modern Outdoorsy Couple

And a hot secret?

A lot of times what may seem like your parents just being the worst at first is actually them knowing a little more about you then you want to let on (even to yourself.) We've all been there. 

Maggie showed up for her engagement photos deep in the forest of the Rocky Mountains with Kelvin in a ballerina-esque tulle skirt. 

Maybe a ballroom for this hiker wasn't that far off. 

Phase 1 of the solution: Exchange vows in front of your loved ones (which include mountains)

As seen above, the first step to overcoming extreme differences in opinion about where to get married is to have a ceremony + reception in different places. 

Because who could possibly say no to pledging eternal love in front of the two greatest witnesses of all time - the Lions?!?!

Phase 2 of the Solution: turn a ballroom into a perfectly, flawlessly styled forest

Fill it with fairy lights + real candles.

Recognize how making an actual forest light up + sparkle like this is not even possible.

Add some Canadiana details (like maple syrup favours) and you're practically in the wilderness.

Only, this is the type of wilderness that makes traditional parents + modern outdoorsy couples equally happy.

Also the Canadiana was a very lovely touch as many of the guests came from overseas. Maggie was actually in China for most of the planning + Kelvin held it down at home, working with Kira to slay the whole day.

Add in another colourful dress change,

A dance floor,

Some toasts.

And we're done.


Filosophi Planner: Kira
Decor: Koncept Events
Photographer: The Apartment Photography 
Videographer: The Apartment Photography
Floral: Flowerz
Ceremony Music: Side One
Cocktail Music: Hotel Georgia House Music
Reception Music: DJ BFAD
Celebrant: Joan Miller
Ceremony Location: Cleveland Dam
Reception Venue: Rosewood Hotel Georgia
Makeup: Katie Elwood
Catering: Rosewood Hotel Georgia
Dessert: The Cake and the Giraffe
Photobooth: Swanybooth
Marshmallows: Archimallows
Rentals: Bespoke Decor

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