Liz + Tyler

All Tyler wanted was a harp for the ceremony.

that one thing and he'd be happy

Next all he wanted was Daytona Racer

that one thing and he'd be happy

Tyler's one thing became quite the thing. Liz + Tyler + their planner Erica are still laughing about it a year later- every time he got his ONE THING THAT WOULD MAKE THE DAY ACTUALLY JUST THE MOST PERFECT EVER he'd add one more thing. Which in some ways, is pretty fun. It means there's a lot of cool little oh damn, "that one thing" special details all through the wedding. 

But it sort of feels like you should put on 1 thing by Amerie for your soundtrack for reading this blog post.

But the real thing that they both wanted was to have a kick ass house party with a BBQ in the backyard where they just so happened to get married.

The issue of course being that they live in Vancouver.

Which means they live in an incredibly small apartment.

So the hunt for the perfect venue for the best ever kick ass rager of a house party was underway.

They walked into the Permanent and Liz fell in love with the floor. 


And that's how it was with everything. Erica would suggest something + Liz + Tyler would agree that it was brilliant + they'd book it. Easy as pie.


In terms of the Permanent as a setting for a House Party let's all take a moment to acknowledge that Veronica Lodge lives there in the Riverdale series, so yeah, it's a fancy house party, but like someone (fictionally) actually lives there. 

But what was keeping Erica up at night was that the space had to be used for so many things, a ceremony, cocktails, dinner, and a wild party, and if you set those things up, you'd lose why Liz loved the permanent so much: the floor.

And then one night it came to her

what if everything was see-through

then you could pack in everything and you'd always be able to see the floor.

A quick call to Evan over at Koncept and he took the idea and ran. All white flowers. All clear everything. Obviously white pineapples + vinyl place cards. Perfect.

The room had to flip 2 times. 

From ceremony to dinner. The dinner to the party. Each time the guests were sent upstairs as a massive team ascended from behind the pipe and drape and turned the room into something totally new. It was incredible. 

But the biggest surprise was when the vault opened and inside were arcade games and people couldn't even deal.

holy F that's been here the whole time?!

and now let the house party rager begin

we love a couple

who wants to play flip cup

with gold solo cups (to keep it classy)

who brings out late-night drunk food

from a super quality caterer

who doesn't care about making sure all traditions are followed

who doesn't care about dancing so doesn't care if anyone dances
(you do you. house parties don't have much dancing, why should your wedding have to if that's not who you are?)

who joins cocktail hour before the ceremony

who puts guest experience at the heart of their day

who knows there's a million ways to treat guests to an incredible time

and good food, good drinks, good games for all your good people is perfect

and who doesn't just love a bride playing beer pong in a gold cup?

Filosophi Planner: Erica
Decor: Koncept Events
Photographer: Shari + Mike Photographers
Videographer: Hello Tomorrow
Floral: Flowerz
Catering: Railtown Catering
Ceremony & Cocktail Music: Musical Occasions
DJ: DJ Bfad
Celebrant: Marilyn Knipp
Venue: The Permanent
Video game rentals: Houle Games & East Van Amusements
Hair & Makeup: Marian Rahl
Guest Portraits: Adam and Kev
Transportation: Boss Limosines

eva mcmillan