Kira + Brendan

These two now have a baby who's not even 2 years old, who's already shredding on the Mountain, so yeah, no wonder. they needed to have a wedding that celebrated the wilderness in a killer, badass way.

Kira, one of our planners, decided that when she got married she didn't care about much.

It just had to be a killer party

and have vaulted cedar ceilings.

slayed it

one thing our planners love to do is to throw what's entirely expected out of the window 

These two met at a snowboarding event so they decided to get married

in the winter.

And they knew the day was going to fly by - but to them the whole point of getting married is that: you're joining two lives of two people who freaking love each other, together in front of friends + family

which meant all they wanted to do was spend as much time together with their people

so got ready together + then mingled + cocktailed with their guests before the ceremony.

Their day was all about their people + having fun. They exchanged high fives. The girls wore matching skirts + chose their own tops. It was chill + down to earth + cold + rainy + no one cared because it was all those wonderful things first.

Love. Chill. Them.

And we'll admit it never hurts when some of 

"Your People"

happen to be award winning wedding planners.

Like, ok, that is a really nice extra touch for getting your wedding to go flawlessly. 

Industrial Rainforest Chic.

Kira + Brendan worked together to create all the decor that looked like it could belong deep in the forest + their tree house venue- 4 x 4 blocks + cedar place cards + hand-painted candle votives, and no flowers.

Oh except it turns out that Kira had talked about how she would like flowers in glass jars but at the end of the day her budget couldn't quite get there. When she arrived on the day, some sneaky wedding planner, big-hearts had maybe, perhaps, arranged to have those floral arrangements, and goal achieved: totally made the bride cry. 

But the good kind of crying that you really are aiming for on wedding days. We're not monsters.

Kira + Brendan exchanged their vows they wrote that morning, under the centre, in front of their friends and family they'd already been hanging out with. It was freezing cold, but that was part of the charm for these two who spend so much of their lives outdoors, adventuring on the mountains together. And what bigger adventure than promising to grow really old side by side, supporting and loving and weathering storms and making things beautiful?

Their friend conducted the ceremony with an official officiant overseeing it to make it totally personal + totally legal, and then, back to partying.




That's Kira's advice to anyone getting married. Also, something about hiring a planner so it goes smoothly. But mostly

Be you.

Get married in the winter. Hang out with your people. High five your fiancé, soon to be your husband as you straighten his tie in the morning while you get ready together.

throw traditions out

make new traditions

honour the ones that you're into

Have the best time and celebrate what makes you a killer couple.

Filosophi Planner: Kira
Decor: [RENTALS] Delovely Creative (no longer in business), design by me and some decor DIY!
Photographer: Shari + Mike
Floral: Flower Factory
Ceremony & Cocktail Music: Side One [Martin]
Reception Music: iPod
Celebrant: Friend
Venue: Cheakamus Centre
Makeup: ML Makeup
Catering: Cheakamus Centre
Dessert: Sweet Bake Shop
Day-Of Planners: Erin & Coco

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