Kim + Trevor

If the bride wants an intimate garden party 

inside a convention centre designed to fit 1,000 people

then the bride gets an intimate garden party

who cares if you need to bring the outside indoors

at 6 am

and rig + lift

+ hell yes, make what may actually be literal magic?

You've got Margaux + Team Filosophi, + it's their job to make the impossible possible. 


Introducing what happens when a social butterfly who wants to get married in front of everyone (T) marries a quiet person who'd rather elope (K)

the middle ground is 350 guests // a convention centre // intimate vibes

Yes, you read that correctly, that's the middle ground. And it had to be allllllll of those (fairly contradictory) things.

When these two dreamboats came + met Margaux for the first time they came because they'd already booked the convention centre for their middle ground wedding, [they had to, there's really not that many places in Vancouver that can hold that many people - possibly they had to book 2 ballrooms side by side.]

... and they realized they could use some help in turning this massive space, that felt a little, ummm, "convention-ey" into what Kim had always dreamed of - a cozy, intimate garden wedding.

let's not pretend this wasn't a challenge.

but shit got done.

bah! Like can you even believe this nonsense? Like, who brings a tent inside?

and makes it look like the sky is full of wishing lanterns floating over a garden?

Love. It.

Oh and the answer to that wild question? Filosophi.  That's who. 


After that first consult, Margaux + Erin talked about it for a while + then decided to pitch the plan. Erin had wanted to put a tent inside for practically forever, just no one on the team had found the clients to take on this how-could-it-even-possibly-yeah-right-idea yet.

Kim + Trevor, mad props for being the right clients to make this how-could-it-even-possibly-yeah-right-idea into a reality. 

But let's remember, the tent + the "starry sky" + the outdoor ceremony + the light, bright, gardeny florals + rustic chairs were all for our eloping-prefering-shy-bride, but there was a very incredible second part of this equation.

The Social Butterfly.

So obviously a killer party was required as well. So hell yes, started the night out with a little light beer pong match before dinner + the first dance.

And obviously a giant ass dance floor was required + the rest of that big space was broken up with pagodas for taking a break from that wild party + relaxing under the stars - oh wait - under the convention centre ceiling - 

a toast to The perfect intimate indoor garden party for 350 people.

Filosophi Planner: Margaux
Venue: Vancouver Convention Centre
Decor: Bold Events
Photography / Videography: Hera Films

eva mcmillan