Filosophi 101 - Pinterest

Pinterest is like the Force.

You have a choice: Be a Jedi and harness it's power for good, or succumb to the dark side.

Pinterest is a blessing, we all know this, because it's invaluable for collecting ideas, sharing a vision, and getting inspired.

But it can also be a curse, many brides find themselves feeling like their wedding needs "more stuff" to live up the magic of popular pins.

photos left to right, adam + kev, shari + mike, shari + mike, the apartment photo

Use it to get ideas and collaborate with your friends and vendors, but curate with a lot of scrutiny. Ask yourself

"is this me?"

and remember that only the cutest corners of weddings and events get photographed and shared and pinned so don't lose sleep over filling every inch of your wedding with details galore,

There is such a thing as too much,

especially if your sanity and budget get compromised in the process. Make your wedding yours, with ideas that suit your style and personality, and know when to walk away from the laptop.


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